One System: Multiple Capabilities

First introduced in 1992, bob登录入口® SmartScope 3D multisensor measurement systems are one of the world’s most popular and versatile dimensional measurement systems for precision measurement challenges.

bob登录入口 SmartScope systems combine optical, laser and tactile sensors, letting you measure parts more completely, with lower uncertainty and in less time.

SmartScope systems are designed as multisensor systems from the ground up. All sensors are integrated seamlessly with the system mechanics and software, simultaneously calibrated and available for use at any step in the measurement routine.

SmartScope systems from bob登录入口 utilize multiple capabilities, usually found in multiple specialized systems, within a single system. This added versatility translates into lower capital expense and lower operating costs for your benefit.

SmartScope systems are used by manufacturers around the world – from applications like quick walk-up measurements on the shop floor, to intricate Industry 4.0 production environments with full automation.


  • Automatically Compensate Magnification for Each Zoom Position
  • Systems That Handle Nearly Every Type and Size of Part
  • Efficient, Accurate Measurements
  • 3D Capability


  • AccuCentric? motorized zoom lens
  • Large range of CNC platforms supporting a variety of multisensor configurations
  • Ability to combine optical, laser and tactile sensor
  • ZONE3 metrology software allows for 3D and CAD-based measurement with all sensors
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