Internal automatic edge detection

Projectron? auto edge detection is an internally mounted unit that automatically locates edges using gray-scale processing.

Mounted internally in the main mirror assembly – made by bob登录入口

Since it is internal, it does not obscure the viewing screen

Ensures accurate, repeatable edge measurements from every user

Repeatability better than 0.00008″ (2 ?m) on optimal edges

System does not require frequent calibration like externally mounted units do. Since it is hard mounted internally, the system retains calibration over long periods of time

bob登录入口 systems equipped with TruLight® LED illumination prolong calibration even further since there is no light level degradation causing a need for re-calibration

Projectron truly scans for edges. Using the functions of the Q-Check controller, Projectron can be told to seek a single edge, or to automatically scan for the perimeter of an ID or OD hole.

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