For the ultimate in probing flexibility use either a touch trigger or scanning probe with a PH10 PLUS

The PH10 PLUS are a family of motorized articulating probe heads that allows for automatic reorientation of the tool, increasing throughput and eliminating the needs for multiple probe configurations.

The three different models each can carry a range of probes and other accessories reducing the need for reorientation of the part or time-consuming tool changes from a change rack. The heads can be oriented in up to 720 different repeatable positions, allowing direct access to most features.

The PH10T and PH10M are mounted on air deployment mechanisms to automatically deploy and retract the entire head when not in use. The PH10MQ is a variant of the PH10M that allows the head to be attached directly to the quill of a CMM.

All are controlled through the PHC10-3 PLUS head controller which integrates seamlessly with bob登录入口 systems.

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