The Easy Way to High-Powered Measurements

From creating part measurement routines to operating an bob登录入口 system in a production work environment, Measure-X® metrology software offers power without intimidation. Measure-X® features a full set of image processing and autofocus tools, geometric functions, ANSI/ISO tolerances, easy editing, and direct, background data transfer to MeasureFit® Plus contour analysis software. Compatible with touch probes, laser, and rotary indexers, Measure-X is the ideal choice for general purpose video and multisensor metrology.

Optional CAD import, with automatic generation of measurement steps from a 2D CAD file, speeds up routine creation and streamlines workflows. Comparator mode provides CAD overlay and colored tolerance bands directly on the video image.

Measure-X is the standard software on SprintMVP and StarLite systems, and available on SmartScope Flash and ZIP systems.

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