Correlate GD&T Results to Feature deviations to apply corrective actions for manufacturing

EVOLVE Manufacturing Represents Both GD&T and Functionality

EVOLVE Manufacturing graphically compares measured results based on design or manufacturing datums producing proper manufacturing adjustments and how they impact GD&T tolerances. Understand why a part failed during the GD&T evaluation and which corrective actions can fix the manufacturing process.

Evolve Manufacturing is a powerful and unique 2D/3D tool which uses the same measurement point cloud data as the GD&T evaluation. This allows correlation of the GD&T results to feature deviations displayed in the manufacturing coordinate systems.

  • Grouping of Features

    EVOLVE Manufacturing groups part features to help identify possible manufacturing issues.The groups are determined by different manufacturing operations, tools or alignments.

  • Alignments

    Manufacturing alignments simulate real manufacturing processes. Features and groups are evaluated in their manufacturing alignments, not their design alignments.

  • Error Components

    Point deviations are separated into 4 error categories — location, orientation, size and form. These categories can be used individually, together or all at once.

  • Corrective Action Analysis

    Powerful “What-if” simulations based on observed deviations allow immediate prediction of the effects of applied manufacturing corrections on the GD&T results.

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